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Trail Descriptions:

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Located in Tupper Lake NY, this FREE winter trail system connects the Tupper Lake Country Club with Big Tupper Ski Area. This dog friendly trail is groomed for Classic XC skiing, but there are also some skate lanes available on the wider sections. Snow shoeing is welcomed, but please stay to the sides of set XC tracks.

Golf Course Loop: Beginner: From the pro shop, this trail enters into the woods, and follows along the sides of fairways 9, 8 and 7. From there you have choices of trails to take, or continue along the edge of fairways 6,5 and 4 back to the pro shop. This is a nice gentle ski with wide open spaces along the edges of the fairways and only a few short hills. The total change in elevation is +55' (but since it's a loop it's downhill half way!)

Hull's Brook Trail:
Intermediate - Advanced: Added in the fall of 2015, this 1 km loop provides a challenging ski / snowshoe right at the start of the trails. Enter the main trail system by the sign in box. The first entrance to this loop is in about 300 yards on the left. The second is about 100 yards further.

Cranberry Pond Loop: Beginner - Intermediate: This trail breaks off of the Golf Course loop near the 7th Tee Box. From there, it follows the old logging road around Cranberry Pond. The trail between the golf course and junction "3" is very flat, and offers awesome views of Cranberry Pond and Big Tupper (see top photo). From "3" the trail makes a short but worthwhile loop with an overall 50' of vertical rise.

Little Logger Loop: Intermediate: This trail takes you from the backside of Cranberry Pond, to the "Big Corner" and back. This is an intermediate trail with about 100' of total elevation change. While the trail is more challenging, it goes through a quick study of Adirondack forests: From pond edge, to hardwood forest to spruce swamp to upper elevation hardwoods - all in 1 1/2 miles.

Big Tupper Trail: Intermediate: This trail takes you from the "Big Corner" to the parking area at Big Tupper Ski Area. This .6 mile stretch has been totally renovated for the 2011 season to be much more skier friendly. The net elevation change is less than 20' from the sign post at "9" to the parking lot ("11").

Skidder Trail: In 2010 we added a trail (from "6" to "7") that takes you across the top of several glades to the North of the trail that are ski-able with good snow coverage. In the fall of 2012, we widened this trail in anticipation of logging activity on the trails above. In 2013 we added another skid trail to this section - "Skidder Ridge". This new route has the same start and end points as Skidder, it just takes you along the ridge overlooking Cranberry Pond.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Your Donations at Work.....the Tail of a Trail.

    Emboldened by the generous donations we received last winter, we embarked on a new trail to better your ski / snowshoe experience this winter right from the start.   The outcome is a trail that parallels the 9th fairway in the protection of the hardwood forest to the North.   This new meandering track has beautiful woods views, is well sheltered, and is going to be a great place to ski!  It starts on the edge of the 10th fairway, just down from the dog shack.

   You have to love it when everything falls into place.  A month ago, we were still considering using the 9th fairway to groom for this season.  Today, the new trail is done, and ready to go!  Here's how it all happened.

   After several scouting trips in the area of the new trail, we received help from surveyor Owen Littlefield to lay out the final cut through the forest.  Owen helped us wind the trail in areas that required the least amount of grading work, while providing great views through the woods. This layout was critical to gain consent from both the Town and Golf Course Boards.  After seeing this vision, both  Boards sent  us out with enthusiastic approval.

    On October 5th, a crew consisting of Pete Littlefield, Pete and Jason Richer, Niel and Marvin Pickering, Chris Kenistion, Stuart Nichols, Jim Frenette Sr. , Michele Gannon, John & Lyndon Gillis and Eric Lanthier cut the majority of the trees and brush to create the new path. We scheduled the cut for 2 days, but had it mostly done in 2 1/2 hours! 
  To clean up the trail, and to haul the firewood created by the effort, Town Hwy. Supervisor Bill Dechene offered to send in Town employee Jon Duhaime with a bulldozer.  With the Town bulldozer in for repairs, Bill turned to the Village to borrow their machine - Thanks to Village DPW superintendent Mike Sparks for seeing this through.   He let us keep the dozer for an extra day and a half!.   The trail was well prepped for final grading, and close to 30  trees were hauled out to heat the Town garage next winter.

   With the firewood cleaned up, it was time to haul in the utility poles donated by the Big Wolf Association that would become the stringers for our new "Big Bridge".  Thanks to Mike Poirier and the Village Electric crew, 5  32' poles  were transported from Big Wolf to the Country Club.

   With the trail cut and cleaned, we contracted with Kentile Excavating to tune things up, and to help set our bridges.  As always, the Kentiles treated this community project well.  The little bit of funding we sent to them turned into a long weekend of excavator work.  A huge Thanks to Herbert P. Kentile, who donatated his wages for 3 days  on that machine - and to Bill, who donated his machine for an extra 2 days.  During the last 3 days the trail has really transformed. The bridges are set, the grading is done, and we're ready to start grooming.

   Another big Thank You goes out to local builder Ed Barrie - our resident "Bridge-master".  If not for Ed, you'd be going across a crooked bridge this winter.  His help and patience over the last few days made our efforts really shine!  He had to leave early on Sunday, so he wasn't able to help us christen the new bridge he built  (bottom photo).

Herbert P. setting the first bridge piece between the 2 stone abutments he created.
"Bridge-master"  Ed Barrie on the Big Bridge.   Thanks to Ed, our bridge will be great to groom and ski.

Shakey skidding in the decking.  Today was the first time I've been compelled to wash my ATV. Thanks Shake!

From Left, John Gillis, Earl MF Jones,  Herbert P. Kentile, Jim Frenette Sr., and Eric Lanthier christen the new 32' x 12' span.  Missing from the photo is Ed Barrie.

The first bridge you'll come to when leaving the parking lot is not even shown here.  It's 15' long, and it's stringers are made from logs cut from the site.  Here's a shot showing the peeling operation. It was a long process - 104' long in total!!
       Also under construction is a new grooming implement that should reduce our grooming man-hours by a third.  Dan King of Hammersong Architectural Metalwork is working on a new drag to smooth the trails in a more efficient manner.

   So go out an see the new trail!  Rubber boots would be smart this week.  It's on Town land, so there are no restrictions   We remind you that the upper trails are closed until the end of hunting season. 

  Thanks for your support and donations.  We hope you are happy with how we are spending your money, and will continue to send more.

Here's the breakdown for the fall of 2013:


Donated 4500
bridges 1040 3460
groomer 1800 1660
Kentile's 1000 660

balance 660

Anyone who wants to see a full breakdown of the expenses we've incurred is welcome to see the audit of our account at the Town Hall.

     The Grooming (trail expansionist) Crew

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