Trail Descriptions

Trail Descriptions:

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Located in Tupper Lake NY, this FREE winter trail system connects the Tupper Lake Country Club with Big Tupper Ski Area. This dog friendly trail is groomed for Classic XC skiing, but there are also some skate lanes available on the wider sections. Snow shoeing is welcomed, but please stay to the sides of set XC tracks.

Golf Course Loop: Beginner: From the pro shop, this trail enters into the woods, and follows along the sides of fairways 9, 8 and 7. From there you have choices of trails to take, or continue along the edge of fairways 6,5 and 4 back to the pro shop. This is a nice gentle ski with wide open spaces along the edges of the fairways and only a few short hills. The total change in elevation is +55' (but since it's a loop it's downhill half way!)

Hull's Brook Trail:
Intermediate - Advanced: Added in the fall of 2015, this 1 km loop provides a challenging ski / snowshoe right at the start of the trails. Enter the main trail system by the sign in box. The first entrance to this loop is in about 300 yards on the left. The second is about 100 yards further.

Cranberry Pond Loop: Beginner - Intermediate: This trail breaks off of the Golf Course loop near the 7th Tee Box. From there, it follows the old logging road around Cranberry Pond. The trail between the golf course and junction "3" is very flat, and offers awesome views of Cranberry Pond and Big Tupper (see top photo). From "3" the trail makes a short but worthwhile loop with an overall 50' of vertical rise.

Little Logger Loop: Intermediate: This trail takes you from the backside of Cranberry Pond, to the "Big Corner" and back. This is an intermediate trail with about 100' of total elevation change. While the trail is more challenging, it goes through a quick study of Adirondack forests: From pond edge, to hardwood forest to spruce swamp to upper elevation hardwoods - all in 1 1/2 miles.

Big Tupper Trail: Intermediate: This trail takes you from the "Big Corner" to the parking area at Big Tupper Ski Area. This .6 mile stretch has been totally renovated for the 2011 season to be much more skier friendly. The net elevation change is less than 20' from the sign post at "9" to the parking lot ("11").

Skidder Trail: In 2010 we added a trail (from "6" to "7") that takes you across the top of several glades to the North of the trail that are ski-able with good snow coverage. In the fall of 2012, we widened this trail in anticipation of logging activity on the trails above. In 2013 we added another skid trail to this section - "Skidder Ridge". This new route has the same start and end points as Skidder, it just takes you along the ridge overlooking Cranberry Pond.

Monday, December 14, 2015

If you can't groom - build.

We've been taking advantage of the mild December to expand the trail system at the Tupper Lake Country Club. In 2013 we created the "Bridge Trail" that parallels the 9th fairway in the woods. In 2014, we added "Creek-side" as a way to get off the 7th and 8th fairways.  This years effort "Lower Creek-side"  is a loop that starts and ends from the Bridge Trail.  While the distance between the 2 ends of the loop is only about 100 yards, there is a half mile loop that takes you down along the 10th and 11th fairways (in the woods), and back by the Cranberry Pond Outlet.  The trail was originally conceived to give snow-shoer's a fun little loop close to the parking area. Once we started exploring the terrain, we realized this area is a great place where intermediate to advanced skiers can jump right into the hills if they want.  The scenery will make the trip worth the effort!  It's roughed out, and if the weather looks good for this weekend, we will hold a work bee to finish making this loop.  It will be narrower than our other trails (8' wide compared to 12'), and will be groomed with a single track to allow room for snow shoes.

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